Sustainable Cups

Filling a need for reusable packaging solutions.


Customers are Eager for Sustainable Options

Most of the disposable cups, lids and straws used to serve fountain drinks— including conventional paper cold cups, plastic straws, Styrofoam cups and polystyrene (plastic #6) cups and lids— are not considered widely recyclable. This means these items are most likely destined to end up as waste in a landfill after they are used. Many foodservice customers and consumers are eager for better, more sustainable packaging options to enjoy with their delicious PepsiCo fountain beverages.


Closed Loop Partners' NextGen Cups Consortium

PepsiCo recognizes that the sustainability challenges associated with disposable cups, lids and straws are bigger than any one company and that cross-industry collaboration is necessary to solve them. To magnify and accelerate our efforts, in December 2022 PepsiCo joined Closed Loop Partners’ NextGen Cups Consortium as a Sector Lead Partner in the United States.

Through the consortium, we will continue to work toward a sustainable future by collaborating with stakeholders across the value chain to design and test new models to enable the scale up of reusable cups, a critical component of supporting a reuse infrastructure alongside beverage fountains.

Models We Are Testing

PepsiCo is seeking partnerships to jointly build and test any of the below models, and we are open to ideating new models that serve a collective need to transform foodservice beverage packaging.

Onsite Reusable Cups

Durable, dishwasher-safe cups (including glasses or tumblers) stay onsite and are either washed in-house by the foodservice operator between uses or washing is outsourced to a third party.

Reusable Personal Cups

Consumers are either given a durable personal vessel (e.g. to-go mug or tumbler) or bring their own to use for their fountain beverage. Typically incentivized with discounts, rewards, and/or loyalty benefits.

Reusable Cup-Share (“Borrow a Cup”)

Consumers “borrow” a reusable cup and return it after use to be professionally cleaned and sanitized, then used again by a different consumer (similar to a public library or City Bike). There are several ways to incentivize the consumer to return the cup (and thus keep it circulating within the system) including deposits, penalties for non-return, or gamification.

Eco-Friendlier Disposable Cups, Lids & Straws

PepsiCo currently offers an assortment of recyclable and compostable cups on PepsiCo Partners, and additional options are available outside of the PepsiCo Partners system.


Identify Your Customer’s Needs

Please complete (or work with the customer to complete) the PepsiCo Sustainable Cups Interest Form. Currently, we are building a list of interested customers to identify the most pressing sustainable cup needs and determine our immediate priorities. We are continuing to develop new capabilities and partnerships in this area and may be able to support certain customers earlier as part of a test. A member of the PBNA Sustainability Team will be in touch with next steps.


Driving Progress Towards pep+

PepsiCo envisions a world where packaging never becomes waste.

In late 2022, PepsiCo announced a global packaging goal intended to double the percentage of all beverage servings it sells delivered through reusable models from 10% to 20% by 2030. For a fountain beverage to be considered a reusable serving, it must be served in a reusable cup or vessel (glass, tumbler, resealable bottle, etc.).

When done right, reusable cups can be a better alternative than disposable cups across all key environmental metrics including waste, climate, and water.