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Helping Value Chain Partners Transition to Renewable Energy

Through a first-of-its-kind food and beverage industry partnership, PepsiCo has created pep+ REnew with Schneider Electric —an independent advisor on renewable energy purchasing.

The goal is to help value chain partners adopt renewable energy to reduce their carbon footprint by bundling a bunch of small and medium energy buyers into one entity. By sticking together, they can negotiate from a stronger position!


Making Renewable Electricity More Widely Available


Educate PepsiCo’s value chain partners about their renewable electricity choices


Quicken the transition to renewable electricity through aggregate power purchase agreements (PPAs) and other options

By creating greater access to large-scale renewable electricity, the initiative aspires to add more renewable electricity capacity to power grids, where able.


Driving Progress Towards pep+

pep+ REnew directly supports our ambitious goal of achieving net-zero emissions across our full business operations by 2040, and reducing Scope 3 emissions by 40% by 2030.



Fee Structure

PepsiCo’s global sustainability office has funded the overhead for this agreement with Schneider Electric and is offering participation for free to our customers and suppliers.


Enrollment is open on an ongoing basis.

Once you have registered you will have access to the portal, where we have on-demand educational content and some live programming.


This program is open to all customers and suppliers of PepsiCo. Suppliers of customers are not technically in scope, but may be accepted for strategic customers.

The most likely customers to want to take advantage of this program are those who are interested in purchasing renewable energy and do not already have tremendous buying power (i.e. small to medium customers or local/ regional customers since national customers likely already have significant buying power).


PepsiCo partners who want to take part can register for free at the pep+ REnew site, schedule a call with Schneider Electric to discuss their electricity profile, and access online education resources. Once participants complete the curriculum of curated webinars, they have the opportunity to work with the Schneider Electric team to explore their procurement options.

Using the resources from the program, participants can better understand the landscape of renewable electricity purchasing options. One of the most impactful opportunities through pep+ REnew is guidance on joining an aggregate power purchase agreement (PPA). This buying tool allows multiple partners to jointly invest in the development of renewable electricity projects such as wind or solar farms, which adds more sustainable energy to the power grid.


At this time there aren’t any customization options. The program is administered by a third party and uses a standard formula to deliver value for participants.