CIRQU is a new, smarter, and truly circular recycling system for beverage containers.


Recycling Gets Smart

CIRQU (as in circular) is a fresh, innovative take on recycling.

CIRQU provides the services and tools that customers need to make it easy to recycle. CIRQU is designed to ensure materials get worked back into our supply chain so they can be used again and again!

Think of CIRQU like a ridesharing model. It’s made ultra-efficient by tapping into a network of drivers who may already be on the road—but instead of people, they pick up materials from super sacks and deliver them to a place where they can be baled and eventually converted back into new packages. It’s free to participate, more efficient and transparent than conventional recycling models, and can even generate a little revenue for customers with high volume.

PepsiCo led, streamlined recycling process

Designed to restore lost trust in recycling

Leveraging an innovative partner

Building tech-enabled material collection networks

PepsiCo PARTNERS can participate for free!

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Driving Progress Towards pep+

PepsiCo has set a 2030 goal to cut virgin plastic from non-renewable sources per serving across our global beverages and convenient foods portfolio by 50%. One of the ways that will be achieved is by increasing the incorporation of recycled content to 50% across plastics.

CIRQU drives recycling and makes the use of recycled content in our packaging more possible, because we directly get the material we need back into our supply chain to make new products. Through conventional recycling, we typically have to compete with other industries to purchase recycled content for our packaging.




  • Any PepsiCo customer that sells packaged beverages in substantial volumes could be a great fit if:
    • The product is likely to be consumed onsite and/or
    • Consumers may be likely to bring products consumed off site back for recycling
  • Example customers may include:
    • Colleges and universities
    • Hotels
    • Convenience and gas retail customers
    • Zoos, aquariums, parks, etc.
    • Quick serve restaurants
    • Municipalities


Customers can enroll at any time! Enrollment is open on an ongoing basis for any eligible customer. See eligibility requirements in the section below.

Once we approve customers, the lead time to recruit and vet drivers and set up a station to bale the material is about 4-16 weeks. However, approving and verifying customer eligibility can take longer.

Fee Structure

PepsiCo is sponsoring the CIRQU program, making it essentially free for our eligible customers.

Through our sponsorship, our partner, Replenysh, will provide super sacks for storage of collected beverage containers in the back of the house and hauling services to pick up the material when those sacks are full. Hauling is free and rebates (i.e., direct payments based on weight of PET plastic and aluminum) may be available depending on the amount of volume collected and the current market value of the commodities collected.

This can actually save PepsiCo customers money by reducing trash hauling fees, and can even turn into a small source of revenue for our customers if volumes and market conditions are favorable.

Customers may also be able to work with local PepsiCo sales teams to procure recycling bins that make it easy to collect by calling attention to recycling and reducing contamination with designs that cue users to only place the desired materials in them.


The customer must either be located in an existing CIRQU market area OR commit their location(s) and any other interested locations within a 15-mile radius to collect a minimum of 12,000 lbs. or 360,000 bottles a month of aluminum cans and/or PET bottles. Customers must commit to separating each material type into separate super sacks–i.e., plastic bottles into one, aluminum cans into another, etc.

  • In order to establish a new CIRQU community, the additional requirements below must be met:
    • Willingness to store materials in super sacks onsite. Each sack measures about 3’x3’x5’ when full.
    • Ability to designate labor to move materials from the point of collection to the super sacks (and to review them before dumping them to verify they’re not contaminated).
    • Ability to designate a ‘point person’ to engage with the app to tell us when it’s time to pick up your full sack of materials.

Program Customization

To further support program goals, one may offer to purchase recycling bins for the “front of house” for the customer—i.e., the point of collection from the consumer, to complement the free ‘back of house’ bins we are providing as a standard service.

If the team wants to pursue this, it should be funded by the local PBNA division or customer account team or can be cost-shared with the customer. It can leverage our process for ordering recycling bins for easy- to-implement recycling bin options or customers may source their own preferred or custom bins if local PBNA teams wish to assist them.

Some customers may also wish to leverage the Replenysh app to drive promotions, product trials, or incentives for consumers to come back to their store, etc. The app is set up to integrate with customers’ own apps to make these types of promotions seamless, but customization will likely require additional investment from the local PBNA team working with the interested customer.


What type of customer can participate in CIRQU?

Any PepsiCo customer that sells prepackaged beverages in substantial volumes—and the product is likely to be consumed onsite or consumers are likely to bring them back for recycling.

What should the customer know before participating?

There is no out-of-pocket cost for the customer, other than potentially purchasing recycling bins or promoting this program. PepsiCo sales associates may choose to purchase recycling bins on behalf of the customer and may discuss collaborating on co- branded promotions or incentives as a plus-up.

How can customers sign up?

Customers can fill out a short questionnaire (it is only a few questions and should take less than 5 minutes to fill out!) to learn more about whether they are eligible and how much money they might earn by participating. If eligible, they can sign up to join for free today.

What are the eligibility requirements?

If the customer is in an existing CIRQU market area within the U.S., they can join immediately with no minimum volume requirements. If not, they may join if they can commit their location(s) and any other interested locations within a 15-mile radius to collect a minimum of 12,000 lbs. or 360,000 bottles a month of aluminum cans and/or PET bottles.


If the customer is interested in learning more, have them reach out to their local PepsiCo contact or email